D. Fickler Construction, LLC wants to be your partner for any and all of your construction needs. We can act as your general contractor, construction manager and/or design-builder. We are a full service contractor having worked on build-to-suit projects, multi-tenant office buildings, retail projects, renovation work, country clubs, site work only projects, and interior fit-ups along with industrial and flex type building construction projects.

With so many components to a construction project, the overall magnitude of the challenge can quickly become overwhelming at the early stages or pre-construction portion of a project. D. Fickler can help guide you through this complicated process. By exploring your various project options, we can help your team by:

  • Develop accurate construction costs
  • Pro-forma evaluation
  • Pre-construction task scheduling
  • Construction scheduling
  • Analyzing building means and methods
  • Potential areas for value engineering

We enable you to achieve the best construction solutions and VALUE for your specific program.

In this collaborative project approach, we work with you and your design team during the early stages of the project development, to help you plan, design and construct a quality project that meets all of your specific project goals. As your Construction Manager, we keep your budget in line by offering our value engineering suggestions. Acting as the CM, most projects are done on an “open book basis” with a constant review of ongoing project costs. Subcontractors are evaluated by the team and brought in to perform the work and become partners in the overall construction project.

In the Design/Build role, D. Fickler assumes control of both the design and construction functions, offering you the the client “one stop shopping” with a single source of responsibility. Advantages of the design-build approach include cost effective design, the ability to provide an early guaranteed maximum price, and accelerated project delivery. On many projects, we are asked to provide design build services solely for the Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing (MEP) portion of the project. This allows owners to benefit from a subcontractor’s experience in providing the specific system for the specific project without the added “bells and whistles”.

Serving as your general contractor, we can coordinate your entire construction project for a fixed price. We employ qualified personnel as project managers and superintendents to be your day to day project liaison. We work with a team of subcontractors many of which we’ve worked with for over 25 years to complete your project in accordance with your plans and specifications. Our years of successfully completing many different project types along with many repeat customers is a testament to our commitment to quality work and on-time completion.

The foundation for every building is concrete and steel. The foundation for our company is first and foremost our people. The talented group of project managers and superintendents in our employ have been in the construction business for on average 30 years. They have worked for DFC on average for over 12 years.

In addition to the company employees, we have forged meaningful relationships with a key group of subcontractors, architects and engineers. These professionals, although not directly employed by D. Fickler Construction, are also an integral part of the work we do.

All of these people tirelessly work to make sure all of the project goals are realized from start to finish!

David Fickler, Manager of D. Fickler Construction, LLC, has been in the construction business for all of his adult life. He is a graduate of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute with a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering. In his post college life, Mr. Fickler managed the construction for an industrial gas company in the Philadelphia suburbs.

In 1987, Mr. Fickler joined the Hough/Loew organization (now J. Loew & Associates). As a project manager for Hough/Loew, Mr. Fickler was responsible for the construction of many of the company’s higher profile jobs. These included shopping centers, large office buildings, and several car dealerships.

In 1997, Mr. Fickler started D. Fickler Construction, LLC. Using the skills gained and relationships developed in his thirty year construction background, Mr. Fickler started performing all types of construction projects for various owner entities.